Values are visceral





Value-Mart, Value-Shopper…the word value has been devalued by poor use or overuse. The word obviously has a deeper more powerful meaning and you’d be hard-pressed to find in recent history such a fireworks display of values across the globe as we had this past week.

“INTEGRITY”, “DIVERSITY”, “JUSTICE”…people using signs, their voice and actions to convey a personal truth about who they are and what they believe in.

I can’t imagine a more dynamic reason for engagement than when we feel our values will be realized, or taken away. Continue reading

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Start at your center







Today is a full moon and it felt right to start my New Year with you now. I’m changing things up a little bit. First of all, I’ll be sharing with you primarily on the new moon and full moon to work in alignment with that natural cycle as it feels like a more organic time to connect.

I’ve already sketched out a year of conversation in support of personal growth, exploration and expression. Included will be exercises to create deeper awareness, tools to create change, sharing ideas and concepts, exploring beliefs, patterns and behavior and resources to support you in your journey of living your best life and being the fullest expression of yourself everyday.

In January we START AT OUR CENTER – the place within where we connect to peace, ease, truth, inner strength, knowing-ness, compassion and more. There are a myriad of experiences that happen in our day to pull us from our center. Our focus is on how to return to it. Continue reading

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To react! Or not to react.




Sometimes we don’t feel we have a choice.

Do you have an old behavior that is more REACTION than RESPONSE?

You know, that thing that TRIGGERS you to do, say or be something that isn’t you anymore but you just can’t seem to stop doing, saying or being it.

Here is a simple, but powerful offering to move from reaction to response. I call it STOP, DROP and ROLL. Yes, this is the fire safety technique you were taught to use when you are literally on fire, and as most of you know, when we are in reaction that is set off by a trigger, we may as well be on fire because any aspiration for change in our life has just gone up in flames. Again. Continue reading

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Can love be a coping mechanism?





Maybe not in and of itself, but one could have coping mechanisms that are loving.

Coping mechanism, you know…that thing…that “adaptation to environmental stress that is based on a conscious or unconscious choice and that enhances control over behavior or gives psychological comfort*.” You know…that coping mechanism.

Some people exercise to cope. Some reach out to a friend. Some use avoidance, alcohol, drugs, shopping, food…

One thing is for sure, coping mechanisms, like any behavior, can use a spring cleaning. Really, you ask? Yes! You could be operating on an outdated software here. “Update Now!” Continue reading

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When your best is enough

Do you have a person in your life that if they would just go away – literally disappear – your problem would be solved AND you could graduate to a new state of enlightenment because they are the only thing standing in your way of peace and your life working out? Maybe heavy-handed, but that’s how it feels.

There is nothing more emotionally stressful than having a deep desire for change in your life and then to experience – once again – a person or situation that is the exact experience you keep trying to move past. Whether it’s with the original person (or thing), or their energetic doppelganger who seem to pop up as a new friend, your kids karate teacher or that one person in your book club.

You want nothing more than to move through this but you feel at an impasse. It feels like there are only two options and you lose either way. Continue reading

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